Water Heater for the Frishmans

Total Cost - USD 951
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 951

Einav, 40, and Shaul, 37, have 11 children. Einstein’s has been unable to work, so stays home and takes care of the children and their apartment. Shaul spends most of his time learning in a kollel, but for money he works as a cleaner and collects bottles from recycling. This does not bring in enough to cover the family’s needs. Recently, they joined a program designed to help with parenting and earning skills. It requires an intense commitment, which Einav and Shaul have shown.

The program’s leaders believe that the two are likely to graduate well and eventually improve their financial situation. In the meantime, however, their finances are very tight. Over the summer, the apartment’s water heater broke. This was not a problem then, as the sun did the job, but in the short days of the winter, they and the children will have no hot water, as Shaul and Einav have no way to cover the purchase of a new water heater.

Verified by: Mery Ori, Department of Social Services, Ntivot | Case No.: 190463
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