Washing machine for Tehila and Chaim

Total Cost - USD 308
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 308

Tehila, 30, and Chaim, 35, are doing their very best to raise their two-year-old daughter with dignity.

Chaim, diagnosed with schizophrenia, does not work outside of the home and receives a monthly disability stipend. Tehila works part-time as a cleaner and is trying to increase her working hours. In the meantime, the family of three survives on her income and Chaim’s stipend.

With no family support, Tehila and Chaim struggle to make ends meet. Their most desperate need right now is a new washing machine. Their old one is broken beyond repair, and they cannot afford to replace it.

Verified by: Malki Meshi Zahav, Department of Social Services, Jerusalem - North - Bukhari Neighborhood | Case No.: 220847
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