Washing Machine for Shira

Total Cost - USD 270
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 270

Shira, 29, left an abusive, violent husband and is trying to restart her life.

She is enrolled in a program that will help her find an appropriate job, instead of the odd jobs that she has been taking in order to cover her rent and other needs. She has found a school and an afterschool program for her nine-year-old son. Their new apartment, however, is empty. It has no furniture and no appliances.

While social services are trying hard to provide some of the things that Shira and her son need, they cannot get her a washing machine. Obviously, with a young son at home, a washing machine is critical to Shira’s quality of life. Unfortunately, given her current financial state, Shira cannot afford to buy one.

Verified by: Noa Travis, Department of Social Services, Sderot | Case No.: 200588
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