Washing machine for Rinat

Total Cost - USD 535
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 535

Rinat, 33, is a single mother to seven young children (ages 2-15). While her family has been in crisis for many years, due to financial difficulties and parenting issues, Rinat has finally begun moving forward with her life.

For years, Rinat was unemployed and the family of eight lived with her parents. Five years ago, however, Rinat joined a social services program that helps families in crisis.

Today, Rinat works in a supermarket; the family lives in a government subsidized apartment, and Rinat has started paying off her heavy debt load.

Rinat supports her family on her income and a monthly government stipend. The father of her children pays child support occasionally, but she cannot depend on his help. Despite the great progress the family has made, they still live in very cramped conditions with minimal furnishings. They don’t have enough beds or closets, and the mattresses they do have don’t fit the beds.

Rinat’s most desperate need right now, however, is a new washing machine; her old one is broken and cannot be fixed. She has been using her neighbor’s machine and sending laundry to her mother, but these are not long-term solutions.

If Rinat could get help buying a new washing machine, there is no question her quality of life would greatly improve.

Verified by: Sapir Dasah, Department of Social Services, Gedera | Case No.: 220832
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