Washing Machine for Orna

Total Cost - USD 401
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 401

Although Orna has seven children, from three relationships, her mothering skills are poor, so most of them were removed from her care. However, she has a strong relationship with her youngest daughter, now 13, and one of the older boys has come to live with her as well.

Orna lives on a government stipend, which she supplements with occasional cleaning work. There is little money and her debts are so unmanageable that she is in the process of bankruptcy.

Having moved many times, Orna is now trying to maintain a more stable life. She and the two children live in a three-room public housing unit – her son has one bedroom, while Jackie and her daughter sleep in the second one. All of the furniture is badly worn and the appliances are old.

The washing machine recently gave out and cannot be fixed. A new one would be an improvement to their basic living conditions.

Verified by: Shahar Trabelsi, Department of Social Services, Ofaqim | Case No.: 180077
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