Washing Machine for Orit

Total Cost - USD 299
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 299

After Orit divorced because of her husband’s gambling addiction, she went to work in order to raise their four children properly and to try to pay off the debts that he had run up. Not trained in any specific field, Orit often found herself doing difficult physical labor.

She persevered until her health gave out about a year ago; since then, she has not been able to work. She suffers from various physical ailments, as well as gastrological problems, and severe cataracts. Her older two children are now married, the third is a soldier who lives at home, and the youngest is a senior in high school.

With no income, Orit now relies on a small government stipend that does not come close to covering her costs. Recently her washing machine broke, forcing Orit to do all of the laundry by hand. This only exacerbates her physical problems, leaving her in pain and exhausted. A new washing machine would bring a real improvement to her daily life, but Orit does not have the money with which to buy one.

Verified by: Sarit Tiferert Chen, Department of Social Services, Dimona | Case No.: 200017
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