Washing machine for Ora

Total Cost - USD 270
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 270

Ora, 50, is going through a very rough time. Five years ago, Ora divorced her husband. He was mentally unstable, addicted to drugs and abusive. Since their divorce, Ora succeeded in obtaining a restraining order against him. Despite her efforts, he broke the order several times. Currently, he is serving a four-month prison sentence for breaking into her apartment and threatening to kill her. The police recognize his dangerous tendencies and have promised Ora protection when he is released.
Despite her obvious troubles, Ora has remained an incredibly devoted mother. Although only one of her three sons is a minor, all three of them depend on her financially. She works full time as an aide to the elderly and adds additional hours whenever she can. She tries her hardest to meet all of her children’s physical and emotional needs.
Last winter, a storm damaged the roof of the family’s home and many of their furnishings were ruined. The city helped pay for part of the damage, but the majority of the renovation fell on Ora’s shoulders. Ora has many debts to pay off, including ones that belong to her ex-husband. She is also in the midst of extensive dental work and needs to cover that expense as well.
In short, Ora is a dedicated mother who works as hard as possible to make ends meet. Each day, however, is a struggle. The family desperately needs a new washing machine, but Ora cannot afford one.

Verified by: Ayala Ron, Department of Social Services, Tel Aviv East - Achvah, Afikim, Ayalon | Case No.: 210192
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