Washing machine for Ora

Total Cost - USD 354
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 354

Ora, 50, is divorced and lives with her two daughters, Rotem, aged 24, and Carni, aged 17. Ora works part time and receives a monthly government stipend.

Rotem has been diagnosed with psychological issues and receives a monthly disability stipend; Carni is in high school.

Until recently, Ora and the girls lived with her ex-husband in his mother’s apartment. They have now moved into their own rental apartment.

Ora’s apartment is sparsely furnished, and she is missing the most basic electrical appliances.

At the moment, Ora has to go to her ex-mother-in-law’s apartment in order to do her laundry, as she cannot afford to buy a washing machine.

If we could help Ora purchase her own machine, her quality of life would greatly improve.

Verified by: Hagit Goren, Department of Social Services, Migdal haemek | Case No.: 230034
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