Washing machine for Omer

Total Cost - USD 308
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 308

Omer, 25, is a single father to Tal, aged 7.

Omer and his ex-wife, Mira, married very young. Tal was born soon after, and the young couple struggled to raise him properly. Tal has severe ADHD and proved to be quite a handful.

When Tal was a year old, Omer and Mira decided to let Mira’s parents raise him. Unfortunately, after a few years, Mira discovered that her father had been drinking excessively and was being abusive to everyone in the house.

It was quickly decided to remove Tal from his grandparents’ home, and Omer received full-time custody. Mira has visitation rights but pays no child support.

For an extended period, Omer and Tal lived with Omer’s parents in a very small apartment. When it became clear that this was not a long-term solution, the two moved into their own rental.

Omer runs a messenger service and tries hard to meet all of Tal’s physical and emotional needs. On a single salary, however, it isn’t easy.

One of Omer’s most pressing needs is a washing machine. Currently, he takes his and Tal’s laundry to his parents’ house or to a public laundromat.

If Omer could get help buying a new machine, there is no doubt his quality of life would improve dramatically.

Verified by: Yonatan Idelson, Department of Social Services, Or Akiva | Case No.: 240017
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