Washing machine for Nomi and Hillel

Total Cost - USD 535
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 535

Nomi, 39, and Hillel, 40, are struggling to raise their nine children (6 months – 16) with dignity. Hillel works as a teacher; Nomi was working as a customer service representative but is currently unemployed.

Nomi suffers from fibromyalgia and was recently diagnosed with depression. She can barely function and struggles to keep the house tidy and her children fed. Her older daughters help in whatever ways they can.

A number of Nomi and Hillel’s children suffer from emotional and behavioral issues, and two of them are developmentally delayed. This has further impacted the family’s finances, as the children need extra help.

Recently, Nomi was approved for disability payments which has helped the family’s financial situation slightly.

Most of the furniture in Nomi and Hillel’s apartment is old and second-hand. Some of the beds are broken so that four of the children currently sleep on mattresses on the floor.

The family’s most desperate need right now is a new washing machine. Their old one is broken and cannot be repaired. There is no way a family of 11 can live without a washing machine. Nomi and Hillel need our help.

Verified by: Sarah Menashe, Department of Social Services, Ofakim | Case No.: 220562
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