Washing machine for Nofar

Total Cost - USD 421
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 421

Nofar, 34, is going through a very rough time and needs a helping hand.

Nofar has been divorced twice; she has three young children (ages 2-8) whom she is raising on her own. The father of her oldest daughter pays child support; the father of her younger two children does not.

In addition to raising her three children, Nofar also cares for her ailing mother. As a result of these responsibilities, it has been hard for her to hold down a steady job.

Today, Nofar and her children are living in a rent-subsidized apartment. She is now working in a factory and has joined a social services program that is mentoring her in how to move forward professionally in order to increase her income. They are also helping her research ways to get financial assistance while trying to stand on her own two feet.

Nofar has a heavy load to carry; her oldest daughter is having emotional issues due to her parents’ break up. In addition, all three children suffer from severe asthma.

Nofar’s most desperate need right now is a new washing machine. Her old one is broken beyond repair, and she is currently doing all of the laundry by hand.

With three young children, this is an untenable situation. A new machine would no doubt improve Nofar’s quality of life. It’s the least we can do for her as she tries to build a stable future for herself and her children.

Verified by: Liron Nishlis, Lehetiv | Case No.: 230179
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