Washing machine for Netta

Total Cost - $ 357
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 357

Netta, 49, is raising her five-year-old son on her own. Until the Corona crisis, she was able to cover their needs on her salary as a kindergarten aide to an autistic child. Unfortunately though, Netta has chronic asthma, as well as fibromyalgia, putting her in a high-risk category. It is no longer safe for her to work in a school environment. Her son also suffers from chronic asthma, so she has to be careful for him as well. The situation has left the two of them dependent on government support for the time being. These checks, however, do not cover their monthly needs, no matter how frugal Netta is with their budget.

Their greatest need right now is a new washing machine, as their old one is broken and cannot be repaired. In addition to her other ailments, Netta has joint infections that make it difficult for her to use her hands, complicating her ability to launder their clothing without a machine. A new machine would make a huge difference in her life.

Verified by: Sarit Tiferert Chen, Department of Social Services, Dimona | Case No.: 200325
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