Washing machine for Nava

Total Cost - USD 386
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 386

Nava, 33, would like to do right by her children. She dreams of being able to feed and clothe them properly, of making sure that they are set for school, and even of giving them treats now and then. At the moment, she can do none of these things. With no support from the children’s father or from her own parents, and with no money coming in, Nava started working a few months ago.

Nava is in remission from childhood cancer, but the aftermath of the illness limits her energy and her abilities. Now she helps in a store and earns minimum wage. This is not sufficient to cover the costs of a family of nine; her children range from 2 to 15 years old.

To make matters worse, Nava’s washing machine has broken and cannot be repaired. It is beyond her ability to replace the appliance but she needs one if she is to keep her family’s clothing clean, as washing it all by hand is too much for her.

Verified by: Michal Sharon, Department of Social Services, Acco | Case No.: 190236
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