Washing Machine for Gila and her Daughters

Total Cost - $ 403
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 403

Gila, 53, has five daughters and little money. Health issues keep her from holding a job, and her disability allowance is so low that she often has trouble paying rent and other expenses.

All of the girls, ages 16 – 24, live at home with her. Her oldest is herself a single mother of two; she can only work a few hours a week, around her studies, so has little to contribute to the household income.

Their second-hand washing machine recently broke beyond repair. They do not have the money to replace it, so the laundry for all eight has to be done by hand.

Verified by: Rina Meser, Department of Social Services, Ramat-Shlomo, Jerusalem | Case No.: 180043
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