Washing Machine for Ditza, Alon and their children

Total Cost - $ 374
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 374

30-year-old Ditza and 34-year-old Alon met in high school and were reunited by chance some years later. When they married 11 years ago, they had high hopes for the future and didn’t expect life to throw them the curve balls it did.

Now parents of 8-year-old Mor and 9-year-old Ofek, the family is struggling financially which strains the couple’s relationship.

Initially, Alon was the breadwinner, working temporary jobs while Ditza stayed home and took care of the home and children. Now, Alon is unemployed, while Ditza works as a travel-companion to disabled adults on outings.

Ditza’s salary is barely enough to pay the rent in their subsidized housing unit. The family cannot afford a washing machine, but feel that having one would make their lives more efficient and less stressful.

Verified by: Sudifu Shani Gofer, Department of Social Services, Ako | Case No.: 190177
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