Washing machine for Dina

Total Cost - USD 257
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 257

Dina, 31, and her eight-year old daughter live in a constant state of financial crisis. Dina has no job and in her advanced state of pregnancy, cannot currently enter the job market. They have almost no income, Dina is not in touch with her family so receives no support from them, and gets no child support.

The two live in a one-bedroom public housing unit. They each have a bed in the bedroom, but the rest of the apartment is unfurnished. Dina cannot afford to buy clothes closets, a washing machine, or an air conditioner. In the hot summer months, the two rely on a single fan. The apartment is not hooked up to a gas line; their refrigerator is not working well.

Buying food, clothing, and the necessary school supplies is difficult, as is paying the monthly bills. Dina is careful with the budget because she does not want to run up debts that she cannot pay off. She washes their clothing by hand, or can occasionally uses a neighbor’s machine. Having a washing machine would allow Dina, her daughter, and the new baby to live with more dignity and less stress.

Verified by: Gal Melman Shemer, Department of Social Services, Ofakim | Case No.: 190433
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