Washing Machine for Arik and Dina

Total Cost - $ 434
Still Needed - $ 1
Funded - $ 432

Arik was shocked when, at age 58, he lost his job as facility manager of a town school because of downsizing. He negotiated to keep his job or receive another in the town, but was unsuccessful. Suddenly at home, he became depressed and angry. Arik’s wife, Dina, has never been able to work because of a degenerative muscle condition with which she was born; one of their sons has it as well. He and his two older siblings are now married with children.

Dina’s condition has made it almost impossible for her to walk even with a cane. She relies on a motorized cart to get around. More recently she has lost much of the use of her hands. Until now, Dina has been struggling to do the family’s laundry by hand, as they cannot afford a washing machine. Now this is beyond her abilities.

The family desperately needs a washing machine but their income, comprised of Arik’s small pension and Dina’s disability stipend, cannot cover the cost.

Verified by: Efrat Chen, Department of Social Services, Ra'anana | Case No.: 180114
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