Washing machine for Anat

Total Cost - $ 310
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 310

Anat, 62, has had a difficult life. She married young, had a daughter and, eventually, got divorced. She and her daughter then moved into her parents’ apartment. When they fell ill, Anat cared for them until their deaths.

Fifteen years ago, Anat’s daughter was killed in a tragic car accident. Anat continues to live alone in her parents’ apartment. Because of the difficult memories the apartment holds for her, Anat has moved all of her belongings into the living room and refuses to use the bedrooms. She would like to sell the apartment, but her brother refuses.

Anat has suffered from severe emotional issues since her daughter’s death. Over the years, she has refused to enter therapy or take medication. At long last, she is now attending group therapy through social services.

To make matters worse, Anat’s physical condition is deteriorating; among other things, she suffers from high blood pressure and diabetes.

A few months ago, Anat’s washing machine broke. She has been doing all of her laundry by hand which is causing her back pain.

If Anat could get help buying a new washing machine, there is no question her daily quality of life would improve.

Verified by: Irit Krakovski, Tenufa bakehila | Case No.: 230057
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