Washing Machine for Adam and Maya

Total Cost - USD 386
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 386

Adam and Maya are doing their best to raise their six children properly. Adam puts in long hours in a factory, so is away most of the day. Maya used to be an aide to the elderly, but had to stop when her last pregnancy, with twins, was high risk. Since their birth two years ago she has suffered from anxiety, tension, crying jags, and mood swings; she is getting help through therapy but has not yet been able to go back to work.

The family was already in difficult financial shape, but having twins has put even more pressure on them. Recently their washing machine broke, and the technician reports that it cannot be repaired. Doing the laundry for a family of eight, including several young children, is exhausting, time-consuming, and difficult, but Adam and Maya cannot afford to replace the broken machine.

Their social worker has turned to Ten Gav to help them.

Verified by: Michal Sharon, Department of Social Services, Acco | Case No.: 190469
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