Tuition for Varda

Total Cost - USD 1,510
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 1,510

Varda, 46, is divorced and has seven children. Most of them still live at home, but the older ones help with household expenses.

Varda runs a day care center; she has a degree in Special Education. Her father helped her cover the cost of her undergraduate tuition.

Varda is now studying for a second degree in Psychotherapy. She dreams of helping children and young women in crisis. Varda obtained scholarships in order to pay for her first year of studies, but now has to cover the cost of her second, and final, year.

Varda is a very determined woman and a diligent and serious student. She has a wonderful support system, including neighbors who babysit her younger children in order to allow her time to work and study.

With this second degree, Varda hopes to increase her income and provide for all of her family’s needs.

As she juggles raising a family, caring for a home, studying and working, it seems Varda is destined to succeed. All she needs is a little bit of help to cross the finish line.

Verified by: Hannah Veisberg, hizdamnut Center - Jerusalem | Case No.: 220820
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