Tuition for Tzippy

Total Cost - USD 1,454
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 1,454

Tzippy, 25, is not afraid to take risks and face challenges. She is a young woman with impressive internal resources and determination. Tzippy has been supporting herself since she was 17, when her family kicked her out of the house because she decided to abandon their Chabad lifestyle.

She finished high school despite the psychological and physical stress that she was under and completed her full Army service. Tzippy then devoted a year to completing her national exams. Her strong scores led to her acceptance into an intensive three-year CPA course. Despite classes five long days a week, for which Tzippy won a scholarship, she managed to work in order to cover her living expenses.

Tzippy graduated with top grades and has received a good job offer. This will help Tzippy move forward in life and develop a stable career. With the position dependent on passing the national licensing exam, Tzippy registered for a prep course, despite its high cost. She is devoting all of her time and energy to studying for the exam. Tzippy received a partial scholarship to cover the cost of the course, but does not have the money to pay for the rest of it.

Verified by: Michelle Tal, Lamerchav | Case No.: 190537
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