Tuition for Revital

Total Cost - $ 1,075
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 1,075

Revital, 23, is an impressive young woman. Her home life is complicated. Revital’s family is ultra-Orthodox, and she is one of ten children. Revital’s mother gives an occasional lesson in the evenings but barely brings in an income. Her father works very long hours in home renovations. He has very little patience or energy for his family when he’s at home. Last year, Revital’s older sister broke an engagement which caused a huge amount of stress in the household. Revital took it upon herself to create a calm and peaceful environment at home for the sake of the family.
Revital’s parents can barely make ends meet each month. The family is very frugal and saves money any way they can. Much of their furniture and clothing are second-hand, and they are very careful with their monthly expenses.
Revital is eager to build an independent life for herself. She currently works part-time as a substitute kindergarten teacher. She is very creative and plays the guitar beautifully. Revital would like to take a course in media and video editing. In addition to opening up new fields for her, the computer skills she would gain would increase her value as a teacher. Along with her musical skills, a certification in video editing could open up many opportunities for her.
Needless to say, Revital’s parents cannot afford her tuition. This motivated young woman, however, deserves the chance to pursue her dreams.

Verified by: Zisi Levin, Division for the Advancement of Youth, Beit Taaklov | Case No.: 200385
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