Tuition for Pilates instructor Course

Total Cost - USD 1,193
Still Needed - USD -1
Funded - USD 1,194

Tziona, 21, lives at home with her two older sisters and seven younger siblings. Her mother is a housewife and her father, although he puts in long hours as a handyman every day, does not earn enough to cover the family’s needs. Their clothing and furniture are all second-hand and, well aware of the financial tension, they are always careful to turn off the lights, to run the air conditioner, and to use as little water as they can.

The older girls work to help support the family. In the past, Tziona has put her babysitting and house cleaning earnings toward basic needs like bread, milk, and vegetables. But she would like to build a life for herself that is less financially stressed. What she loves is movement and exercise. Tziona has already trained for two years as a sports teacher. Now she would like to enroll in a course to learn to be a Pilates instructor. This is a well-regarded program, directed specifically at young Haredi women. Tziona enjoys Pilates and recognizes that it is one of the most popular forms of exercise these days, so she believes that she could make a good living as an instructor.

She is serious, responsible, and highly motivated to succeed in this area, in order to build a better life for herself. But without the money for the course, Tziona cannot move ahead with her dream.

Verified by: Zisi Levin, Division for the Advancement of Youth, Beit Yaakov Institute | Case No.: 190472
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