Tuition for Ortal

Total Cost - USD 713
Still Needed - USD -4
Funded - USD 716

Ortal’s story is inspiring. Ortal, 23, is one of nine siblings. At the age of five, she was removed from her home and put in a boarding school where she remained until she was 18. Her father was a drug addict, and her parents eventually divorced. Today, Ortal has no contact with her father and little contact with either her mother or her siblings. She is out in the world on her own.

Ortal had a very positive experience in boarding school. She recognized that her situation was not the norm and was determined to build a life for herself despite her troubled background. After graduating high school, Ortal completed her full army service. She is now studying for a degree in Social Sciences. Ortal’s dream is to continue on to a teaching degree and to eventually enter the field of education.

Ortal was working part-time in a student position and covering her expenses. When the Corona crisis hit, she was put on unpaid leave. In July, she began a new job that allows her to work closer to home. Despite all of her good intentions and hard work, Ortal is having trouble covering her tuition. She is clearly very determined to achieve her dreams. If she gets the help she needs to finish her degree, she is a step closer to reaching them.

Verified by: Daniela Tanami, Yated - Jerusalem | Case No.: 200400
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