Tuition for Orly

Total Cost - USD 1,510
Still Needed - USD 1,202
Funded - USD 308

Orly, 33, is twice divorced and raising three young children on her own.

Orly grew up in an ultra-Orthodox home and never went to university. She is now determined to move forward, earn her degree and support her children with dignity.

Over the years, Orly has struggled to make ends meet; her ex-husband doesn’t pay child support and, despite her income as a municipal employee, Orly doesn’t earn enough to make ends meet. She is deeply in debt and has numerous loans to repay. Recently, Orly joined a social services program that is mentoring her in sound financial planning.

A few years ago, Orly began studying for a BA in Education; unfortunately, she had to stop as she couldn’t afford the tuition. Her dream is to continue her studies so that she can enter the workforce and earn a respectable and steady income.

If Orly could get help covering her tuition, she would be one giant step closer to fulfilling her dream of a stable future for herself and her children.

Verified by: Heli Almog, Lehetiv | Case No.: 230979
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