Tuition for Noa

Total Cost - USD 1,454
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 1,454

Noa has been through a lifetime of hardship in her 26 years. Noa’s relationship with her parents has always been tense and unstable. She often cut school and had trouble settling down. After one particularly bad fight, her parents even called the police for help. Noa bounced from school to school and eventually settled down and finished through grade 11.

Her parents began family therapy with her, and the situation seemed to stabilize. Noa has always felt that her parents were highly critical of her, that they never believed her or supported her. She often expressed feelings of extreme loneliness. To make matters worse, Noa suffers from numerous physical ailments, including skin asthma, severe allergies and fainting spells. She was put on steroids which affected her moods.

She began her National Service in the jail system but had to stop after four months due to health issues.
Through the years, Noa has held various jobs, always managing to support herself since she received no financial help from her parents.
Noa finally reached out to social services, determined to turn her life around. Her social worker found her to be intelligent, organized, motivated and well-spoken. She does, however, suffer from very low self-esteem. Noa has discovered a passion for interior design and would like to earn a degree in the field.

Over the years, despite her hard work, Noa has fallen into debt. She took out loans to cover her minus in the bank and is slowly paying them off. She found an administrative job that paid her well but a few weeks ago, she was laid off. Noa decided that despite her uncertain financial state, she would begin studying. She earned a scholarship and paid the rest of her initial tuition in installments. She also found another job. In addition to her first-year tuition, Noa managed to cover the cost of a computer which she needed for her course.
Noa is extremely frugal and determined to save every penny in order to finish her studies.

If she could get help covering the rest of her tuition, she would not have to fall further into debt. Noa has never missed a day of class and feels like she has found her calling. This is a young woman who has overcome so much adversity and deserves every chance to pursue her dreams.

Verified by: Ariella Savyon, Yated - Jerusalem | Case No.: 210003
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