Tuition for Kayla

Total Cost - USD 1,375
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 1,375

Kayla, 18, grew up with nine siblings in an Orthodox home.

Kayla’s father supports his family by working long hours and also receives a partial disability stipend each month. Kayla’s mother, who suffers from psychological issues, doesn’t work outside of the home.

Kayla is a very introverted and sensitive young woman. She has social difficulties and emotional issues, all of which have improved since she began therapy.

Over the years, Kayla has had a very volatile relationship with her mother. She always got along better with her father, though their relationship became rather tense as well when Kayla decided to leave her parents’ religious lifestyle.

Kayla is currently performing her National Service. She moved out of her parents’ home and lives in a rented apartment. She is receiving mentoring and guidance through a non-profit organization and has continued her therapy.

Kayla has made tremendous progress over the past year. In addition to her service, she is currently studying to become certified as a therapeutic riding instructor. The course has done wonders for her self-confidence and emotional stability, and it will be a good source of income for her in the future.

Since Kayla has no outside financial support, she tried to work in order to cover the cost of her studies. Unfortunately, along with her National Service and her studies, it proved to be too much for her.

Kayla desperately needs help covering the tuition for her course. There is little doubt that if she can get her certification, she will be one step closer to building herself a stable and independent future.

Verified by: Elisheva Malka, Telem - Atara project | Case No.: 230055
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