Tuition for Irit

Total Cost - $ 1,519
Still Needed - $ -14
Funded - $ 1,534

Irit, 49, is determined to stand on her own two feet. A single mother to a six-year-old daughter, Irit studied graphic design. Unfortunately, with the arrival of the Corona crisis, Irit was put on unpaid leave and struggled to support herself and her daughter. Once the lockdowns ended, Irit found it very difficult to find a job in graphic design, as people were cutting back and the market was saturated.

Irit took matters into her own hands. She joined a program that helps struggling individuals integrate into the working world. She quickly realized that she would have to add another field to her resume in order to expand her employment opportunities. Irit started to study NLP, neuro-linguistic programming. She hopes to combine her new expertise with her background in art and work with children. She is very much enjoying her studies and feels incredibly motivated to move forward with her new path.

Irit is the sole provider for her daughter. She also takes care of her elderly mother who suffers from Alzheimer’s and is the guardian for her special-needs brother. In short, she has a very full plate.

Irit is determined to put away money for her daughter’s future. She believes that with her new degree, she will be able to build a stable and secure future for them both. Unfortunately, however, given her current financial state, Irit cannot afford to pay her full tuition. With a little bit of help, however, there is no doubt that she can achieve her dreams.

*Be-Atzmi is a nonprofit social organization, whose mission is to integrate and advance low-opportunity populations in stable and fair employment suited to their skills and aspirations.

Verified by: Mazi Katan, Be-Atzmi | Case No.: 210232
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