Tuition for Elena

Total Cost - USD 1,510
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 1,510

Elena, 23, is determined to break out of the cycle of poverty she grew up in. Elena’s father is a part-time maintenance man in a school; her mother works in the same institution as a part-time cleaner. Together they bring in a very small income, certainly not enough to support their four children. Elena works as a secretary in a legal office and helps her parents with the family’s living expenses.

Elena is determined to build a career path and an independent life for herself. She did one year of studies towards a degree in social sciences but was forced to drop out in order to work more hours and help out at home.

Elena recently took a beginner’s course in hair styling which she very much enjoyed. Unfortunately, without a more advanced course, she won’t be able to move ahead in the field. Elena sees this as a clear career path for her, but she cannot afford to pay for any more courses. If she could get help covering the cost of the course, she would be one step closer towards fulfilling her dreams.

Verified by: Hulad Shakir, Yated - North | Case No.: 210121
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