Tuition for Efrat

Total Cost - USD 1,510
Still Needed - USD -12
Funded - USD 1,522

Efrat, 26, is a motivated and intelligent young woman who needs a helping hand.

Efrat is divorced with a two-and-a-half year-old son. Her husband was abusive, and Efrat left him in order to give her son a stable future.

While Efrat’s parents cannot help her financially, they are a source of emotional support for her and help her in whatever ways they can. They often watch her son so that she can work. Efrat is determined not to depend on outside financial help but rather stand on her own two feet.

As part of a social services’ program, Efrat underwent an evaluation to determine what professional path to pursue. It was obvious to the social workers that she is highly intelligent, social and capable, and that she should be working with people.

Efrat decided to pursue a degree in emotional therapy. She managed to pay her first two years of tuition. In the interim, she also started an internship; Efrat has proven to be highly talented and already has a devoted client base.

Unfortunately, Efrat cannot cover her final year of tuition. There is no doubt that she is one step away from a brighter future; let’s help her get there.

Verified by: Lea Bracha, Department of Social Services, Modi'in Illit | Case No.: 230128
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