Tuition for Dana

Total Cost - USD 1,373
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 1,373

Dana, 25, is raising her two-year-old son on her own. Her story isn’t a simple one. After the birth of her son, her relationship with his father turned violent and abusive. She left him and moved in with her parents. She is currently suing him for child support and has been granted a restraining order after he made numerous threats on her. These legal expenses have added to her already precarious financial status. Dana’s parents are both on disability so while they can help care for her son, they are unable to help her financially.

Dana is working and studying for her engineering degree at the same time. With this degree, Dana is hoping to build a more fulfilling career, earn a more stable income and provide her son with all of his needs. The small government stipend she receives and her low salary are just not enough to make ends meet. If she doesn’t get help paying her final year of tuition, she will be unable to pursue her dreams.

Verified by: Hila Shebelman, Department of Social Services, Mevoot Hermon | Case No.: 200315
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