Tuition for Eran

Total Cost - USD 1,414
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 1,414

Eran, 25, is a highly impressive young man. Eran had a very difficultchildhood. One of eight siblings, Eran’s parents divorced when he was 14. His father was a drug addict and suffered from both physical and psychological ailments. Eran and his siblings often witnessed drug use at home, and the police frequented their house.

As a result of his father’s issues, Eran’s mother became a depressive who experienced visions and had trouble functioning at home. The children were often left to fend for themselves. Eventually, all of the children except Eran were removed from the home; Eran insisted on staying home to help his mother.

Eran worked from a young age in order to help cover monthly expenses. He also completed 12 years of schooling, 2 years of pre-army academy and his full service as a combat soldier. Eran’s officers spoke about him with great praise. During his service, Eran also managed to earn an electrician’s license and complete a course in nutrition.

After his army service, Eran worked as a nutrition consultant for two years. Unfortunately, the Corona crisis greatly impacted his work, and he found himself unemployed.

Eran is now working as a salesperson in order to bring in an income. He is getting married shortly and wants to build a solid future. Eran wants to study to be a life coach, after which he hopes to get further certification as a nutritionist and fitness trainer. Unfortunately, the tuition is an expense he cannot currently cover.

Eran, throughout his short life, has shown himself to be determined and motivated. He has a strong drive to turn his life around and just needs some temporary help in order to succeed.

Verified by: Or Azulay Bitan, Department of Social Services, Ofakim | Case No.: 210483
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