Tuition for Amara

Total Cost - $ 1,447
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 1,447

Amara and her family moved to Israel from India when she was a young girl. The family struggled to integrate but was determined to stay in the country. A few years later, a car accident killed Amara’s father and grandmother, and left her mother badly injured. The repercussions of the accident still affect the family. Amara’s mother was left barely able to work, but with dreams of giving her daughter a better life, she has pushed to work as a cleaner, giving as much of her earnings as she could to Amara for her education.

Now 24, Amara is determined to live up to her mother’s goals for her and eventually to be able to support her as well. Amara is in her third and last year of university, studying special education and English. She has worked to pay for her education, but it has become difficult to succeed in her studies while holding down jobs that bring in enough to cover her schooling and her costs of living. Amara needs the final tuition payment in order to complete her degree and graduate. Without is, she will not be able to start down the path to the better life for which she and her mother are striving.

Verified by: Naomi Mansour, Otzma Center | Case No.: 200068
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