Tuition for Alon

Total Cost - USD 1,502
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 1,502

Alon, 17, is a young man who is trying to turn his life around. The second of eight children, Alon attended a public religious high school from 1st-8th grades. For grades 9 and 10, he was sent to a more religious institution. Alon didn’t fit in there and began to question his religious identity. This expressed itself in his dress and behavior. He also began smoking weed and was eventually thrown out of school.

Alon began 11th grade in a youth village where he flourished, both academically and socially.
In the village, Alon learned to horseback ride. It became a sort of therapy for him and an excellent outlet for all of his frustrations. Alon harbored a dream of becoming an instructor at the riding center in order to help children who, like him, are struggling through their adolescent years. Alon knew, however, that he had no way to cover the costs of the course.

His father had owned a catering business that went under and is now in the midst of bankruptcy proceedings. His mother is a teacher, and the couple has trouble making ends meet. Alon knew that he couldn’t ask his parents for help. In fact, knowing their financial situation, Alon has always worked in order to cover his own expenses.

When Alon’s social worker discovered his dream of becoming a riding instructor, she got the village to pay part of his tuition. Alon himself can pay part from his savings. If he could get the rest of his tuition covered, he would be one step closer to realizing his dream.

Verified by: Ya'akov Prints, Division for the Advancement of Youth, Jerusalem | Case No.: 210105
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