Tuition for Alma

Total Cost - USD 703
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 703

Alma, 24, is determined to turn her life around. Alma’s parents separated when she was five years old, and she has had no contact with her father since. For a brief period of time, Alma’s mother took her three daughters and moved into a home for battered women. Eventually, Alma was sent to boarding school.
Alma’s relationship with her mother and sisters is a tense and unstable one. During her years at school, she didn’t go home often. Alma successfully finished 12 years of schooling and completed all of her matriculation exams. Her teachers and social workers pronounced her a diligent, motivated, sensitive young woman who was beloved by her peers. When Alma began her army service, she was recognized as a lone soldier since she received no support from home. Upon finishing her service, she moved in with her boyfriend. After a year, Alma began to struggle physically and emotionally. An intestinal disorder led to severe weight loss. Alma and her boyfriend broke up, and she was left with nowhere to live and had no one to count on. The Corona crisis arrived soon after, and Alma was forced to move back in with her mother and sisters.
Alma was eager to get out on her own and build an independent life. In between the first and second lockdowns, she found work in a store but was laid off a few months later. Because she had worked less than six months, she wasn’t entitled to unemployment. Alma immediately began looking for another job but, because of Corona, she was unsuccessful. She soon hit minus in her bank account and was forced to take out a loan.
With the help of her army subsidy, Alma began studying for an engineering degree with a specialty in media design. She loves learning and feels like she has found her passion.
After her first semester, Alma decided to take time off in order to deal with both her physical and emotional health. She also wanted to work in order to support herself and pay off her loans.
Two months ago, she found a job with the postal service. She feels strong and ready to return to her studies. Unfortunately, though, Alma cannot afford her second semester of tuition. Alma is a talented, capable and motivated young woman. She is ready to get back on her feet and pursue her dreams.

Verified by: Michal Glam, Department of Social Services, Hadera - Youth and Young People | Case No.: 210057
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