Tuition fees to help Tikva finish her studies

Total Cost - USD 362
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 362

Tikva’s social worker describes her as a “true fighter” . Tikva, who came on aliya from Ethiopia with her family in 2005, lives on her own as her mother cannot work because of cancer and her father’s factory salary is not enough to support Tikva and her two young sisters. Determined to make something of herself, Tikva, 26, is studying economics while working to support herself and, whenever possible, help raise her sisters. She suffered a real set-back when a broken shoulder required a hospital stay, physical therapy, and a long recuperation during which her doctor has forbidden her to work. There are times when Tikva does not have any food. But she is still pushing to stay on top of her studies. She has three tests to pass before she can move to the second year of school, but missed so many classes because of her injury that she does not know the relevant material. Tikva needs some tutoring in those specific areas in order to move ahead, but has no money to pay for them. Helping Tikva to catch up would allow her to continue to work for her dream; as her social worker says, “no one deserves it more.”

Verified by: Hagit Ashur, Yated Program | Case No.: 180216
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