Treatment bed for Fanny

Total Cost - USD 181
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 181

Fanny and Ivan Petrov immigrated to Israel from Russia six years ago with their two children. Both of them had professional positions in Russia but unfortunately, neither of their skill sets could be put to use here. That didn’t stop them though. Ivan took a full-time job as a factory worker, and Fanny worked as a massage therapist. Their income was low, but they made ends meet. Among their many challenges have been fighting to get their 22-year-old daughter citizenship and caring for Ivan’s mother who is ill with cancer.

When the Corona crisis hit, Fanny was left with no work, and the family survived on Ivan’s salary alone. The couple is exceptionally frugal, and they are currently participating in a program that helps impoverished families improve their circumstances.

Now that Fanny is allowed to work again, she would like to start her own business. To do so, she desperately needs a treatment bed and cannot affford to buy one, even second-hand. She deserves the chance to move forward with her life.

Verified by: Liron Nishlis, Lehetiv | Case No.: 200349
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