Therapy sessions for Tamar

Total Cost - USD 1,510
Still Needed - USD -1
Funded - USD 1,511

Tamar, 22, is working hard to turn her life around. Raised in an ultra-Orthodox home, Tamar is one of nine siblings. She grew up amidst complicated family dynamics. Her father cheated on her mother, and Tamar took it very hard. The incident affected Tamar’s trust in people and shattered her relationship with her father. She became her mother’s confidant which severely impacted her development and her ability to build a sense of independence.

To make matters worse, Tamar was socially ostracized and bullied as a teenager. She went into a downward emotional spiral and ended up turning to alcohol as a source of comfort. Eventually, Tamar received psychological counseling through social services and managed to complete high school. After graduating, Tamar tried to enter the work force and live independently, but she was unsuccessful.

Fortunately, Tamar ended up reaching out to a non-profit organization that helped her find a National Service position. She moved out of her childhood home which was a healthy step forward. Tamar had a meaningful year and, along the way, met a young man that she is now engaged to.

Throughout this period, Tamar continued her therapy sessions. The counseling has allowed her to make tremendous strides in building an independent future. Once she gets married, she will no longer be entitled to subsidized counseling sessions. Tamar knows that given the stresses of the first year of marriage, it is vital that she continue therapy. She can afford to pay a nominal amount towards the cost of each session, but she certainly can’t cover the full amount. This is a young woman who is doing everything she can to take charge of her life. She deserves our help to make sure she succeeds.

Verified by: Tamar Landwirt, Telem - Atara project | Case No.: 210231
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