The CORONA Relief Fund

for the benefit of individuals and families dealing with financial loss resulting from COVID-19

Total Cost - $ 453,172
Still Needed - $ 4,086
Funded - $ 449,086

After consultations with our partner social workers in agencies around the country, Ten Gav has established the CORONA Relief Fund in March of 2020 to deal with extraordinary circumstances created by the impact of the coronavirus.

Ten Gav is accepting applications from social services agencies with whom we have a working relationship for extraordinary items, including rent payment, that their clients are not able to pay due to circumstances related to the impact of the novel coronavirus. Although Ten Gav does not normally accept requests for ongoing recurring expenses, this fund will provide such assistance.  All other requirements of Ten Gav, including that no single request exceed $1500 / 5500 NIS, that all requests be accompanied by a social services report, and that payments will be made directly to the landlord or supplier, as the case may be, continue to be in effect.  The CORONA Relief Fund will function as a temporary fund until the end of December 2020.

In addition, as vast numbers of classroom hours have been converted to online learning, and we are receiving many additional requests for computers, the CORONA Relief Fund will be used to purchase computers for families currently unable to provide their children with a home computer or laptop for their learning use as well as tablets for the benefit of other homebound populations such as the elderly and special needs community.

Read the most recent CORONA Relief Fund Report, November 2020

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