Tablets for 40 Children from Ofakim with Special Needs

Total Cost - USD 7,190
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 7,190

In the heart of Ofakim, a city in the South, the sound of rocket sirens and the uncertainty of each day’s safety have become the daily reality for families.  Amid these tumultuous times, children on the autism spectrum are facing additional unique challenges.  With schools closed and therapies disrupted, they are left without the vital support they need to thrive.  Many of their families care for more than one child with special needs.  In some cases, fathers have been called to reserve duty, leaving mothers with the immense responsibility of looking after their families alone.

The special needs children in these homes require specialized care and attention.  Being confined to their homes without proper programs and resources can be incredibly challenging for both the children and their caregivers.  Disruptions and sensory overloads can make daily life even more difficult during this period.

To provide relief and support to these families, the social services of Ofakim has asked Ten Gav to provide 40 children on the autism spectrum with tablets.  These tablets will not only serve as valuable educational tools and sources of comfort and distraction for the children but will also significantly improve the quality of life for their families during this challenging period.

The total cost of providing these tablets is  27,200 NIS/ $ 7,200

Verified by: Galia Sabag, Department of Social Services, Ofakim | Case No.: 230850
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