Summer Camp for Saul’s Children

Total Cost - $ 1,427
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 1,427

Saul is doing everything he can to give his two children (ages five and three) the kind of childhood that he did not have. As a boy, he defended his mother against his father’s violence, often becoming the victim of his father’s verbal and physical abuse. After his parents divorced, Saul became his mother’s caretaker as her emotional state declined. He took on the tasks of an adult when it became clear that she had no other support. To this day, he helps her financially and emotionally, to the extent that he recently had to declare bankruptcy because of her debts.

Saul and Eva, his wife, both work to support their family. Saul originally owned his own mobile phone store but after a year was forced to close the business leaving him with heavy debts. He now works as a mobile phone salesman earning a minimal salary. Eva works as an accountant earning a moderate salary which covers their monthly expenses but which does not cover the large debts that Saul needs to repay on a monthly basis.

Saul and Eva’s children need a summer program to provide them with stimulation as well as to allow Saul and Eva to continue to work consistently in order to pay for their ongoing expenses.

Verified by: Rivkah Ben Avraham, Department of Social Services, Holon | Case No.: 190295
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