Stove and Oven for Malca and her Husband

Total Cost - $ 334
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 334
Malka has suffered from a degenerative joint disease since childhood. Now she is not only confined to a wheelchair but cannot do anything for herself. Her husband is her main caretaker, feeding her, showering her, dressing her, etc. He also is in charge of their three children, ages eight, five, and three, and is responsible for running the household. In light of these demands, he has been unable to work outside of the house, so the family is dependent on Malka’s disability stipend as their entire income. They have lived in several apartments, trying to find someplace that is appropriate for Malka and are on the waiting list for a public housing unit. They do not have a stove or oven, which constrains their ability to eat properly and cost-effectively. The little money that they have will not cover the cost of an appliance.
Verified by: Michal Sharon, Department of Social Services, akko | Case No.: 180138
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