Sleeper couch for Dana

Total Cost - USD 898
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 898

Dana, 51, is trying her best to raise her three children on her own.

Her oldest, 21, is no longer living at home but her two younger children, ages 14 and 17, do. Dana works two jobs – as a supermarket stockperson and an assistant in an after-school program. With her incomes from both jobs and a monthly government stipend, she barely managed to make ends meet. With the arrival of Corona, her hours in the after-school program were cut dramatically, which has gravely impacted her income.

Dana was recently left homeless when her former husband successfully sold their apartment and due to technical loophole managed to deny her any proceeds. With the help of social services, she garnered her strength and moved into a new apartment with her two children. She decided this would mark a new beginning for all of them. Unfortunately, the apartment is barely furnished, and Dana needs some basic necessities that she cannot currently afford.

The apartment is small and Dana must sleep in the living room. If she could get help buying a pull-out couch, it would allow the family a place to sit during the day and assure Dana of a good night’s sleep at day’s end.

Verified by: Hagit Elisha, Department of Social Services, Holon | Case No.: 210094
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