Sewing machine for Ayala

Total Cost - $ 1,256
Still Needed - $ 1,131
Funded - $ 125

Ayala, 18, has been through a lot in her short lifetime. Ayala is one of ten siblings, several of whom suffer from various emotional and physical disabilities. Ayala’s father is a teacher and her mother is unemployed. In addition to the expense of the various therapies and medications that the children need, Ayala herself has been undergoing extensive dental work. Her parents are struggling to keep their heads above water.
Ayala tries to work odd jobs, including babysitting, in order to cover her personal expenses.
When Ayala was in first and second grades, she was verbally abused by some of her classmates. This was very damaging to her development and until today, she suffers from low self-confidence and anxiety. She is highly introverted and has trouble making friends.
Last year, Ayala began a sewing course which has been life-changing for her. She has discovered that she has a real talent for sewing, and the course has done wonders for her self-confidence. She has been interacting with the outside world and realizes that once she completes the course, she will be able to earn a proper income and support herself. Because Ayala cannot afford her own sewing machine, she hasn’t been able to progress as quickly as she would like. If she could get help purchasing a machine, there is no doubt this young woman will succeed in building an independent life for herself.

Verified by: Zisi Levin, Division for the Advancement of Youth, Jerusalem | Case No.: 210193
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