Sewing course for Yael

Total Cost - USD 284
Still Needed - USD -4
Funded - USD 287

Yael, 52, is desperate to do something to fill her days and bring in some money. An operation two years ago to remove a brain tumor was successful, but has left her with a permanent ringing in her ears. This makes it almost impossible for her to stay in public places for long or to hold a job consistently, with the result that she is at home most of the time and rarely goes out.

Her husband is generally at home as well, as he is not interested in getting a job; they rarely connect and live mostly separate lives. Because neither works, they have no income at all. Their seven children are grown and out of the house. Yael is physically quite weak, but she is motivated, smart, and optimistic. She loves doing artwork, especially drawing and sewing.

She would like to use these skills to develop a tailoring and dress making business that she could run from home, quietly. She would find it fulfilling and needs the money. However, she cannot cover the tuition of the sewing course that would teach her the necessary skills, and without this first step, she cannot move forward with her plan.

Verified by: Ahuva Adelmut, Department of Social Services, Ramat Shlomo', Jerusalem | Case No.: 190202
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