Riding therapy for Dina

Total Cost - USD 817
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 817

Dina, aged 15, is suffering through no fault of her own. Dina’s parents, Yael and Dov, are both unemployed. The couple had a business that went bankrupt and, as a result, they owe over 1M shekel to various vendors. The only money the couple currently earns is from sporadic house cleaning that Yael does. Dov, who began suffering severe panic attacks after the business failed, has been recognized as emotionally disabled. The couple has five children, ages 13-21, whom they support on Yael’s very occasional work and on monthly government stipends.

Recently, Yael and Dov joined a social services program that helps families living in poverty move forward. They are hoping to soon get back on their feet.

In the meantime, Dina is suffering from severe social and emotional issues that are affecting her academic performance as well. Her parents and social worker agree that riding therapy would be a wonderful outlet for her. This is obviously an expense that Yael and Dov cannot afford but something that would certainly improve Dina’s quality of life.

Verified by: Liron Nishlis, Lehetiv | Case No.: 210220
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