Rent for Moshe

Total Cost - $ 1,392
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 1,392

Moshe, 21, has what it takes to succeed. Raised in an ultra-Orthodox home, Moshe decided six years ago to leave religion. As a result, his family cut off all contact with him. Moshe was undeterred. He managed to find an apartment with roommates, finish his high school degree and get a real estate license. After he graduated, Moshe completed his army service despite suffering severe economic hardships since he wasn’t awarded lone soldier status.

Nevertheless, Moshe carried on, determined to succeed. He enrolled in college where he wanted to study cyber security. While studying, he supported himself by working as a chef in a restaurant. Things seemed to be falling into place for this determined young man.

And then the Corona crisis hit. The restaurant where Moshe worked shut down, and Moshe was put on unpaid leave. Suddenly, he couldn’t afford his basic needs or his tuition. Eventually, he found a job as a corona tester – a position that pays minimum wage. While he’s managing to cover some of his expenses, he cannot afford his rent. Moshe is a bright and determined young man and with a little bit of help, there is no doubt he will succeed.

Verified by: Dvir Reish, The Yated Program, Jerusalem | Case No.: 200218
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