Refrigerator for Varda

Total Cost - USD 418
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 418

Varda, 70, moved to Israel from Russia 30 years ago. She is a widow with two adult children. Over the years, Varda earned a small income working as a cleaner and babysitter. Since the arrival of Corona, however, she has not been able to work.

Currently, she lives off her government stipends. Varda’s son now lives with her as he was unable to pay his rent. He tries to help with expenses by working as a messenger. Varda’s daughter, who is married with children, is struggling financially as well, and Varda tries to help her when she can. She also has heavy loans to pay off.

Social services is aware of Varda’s situation and helps wherever they can. Varda’s most pressing need right now is a new refrigerator. Her old one has been leaking for a long time and doesn’t work properly. A new refrigerator would greatly improve her quality of life.

Verified by: Efrat Nuhum, Department of Social Services, Givataim | Case No.: 200438
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