Refrigerator for Tova and Abraham

Total Cost - USD 700
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 700

Tova and Abraham both moved to Israel from Ethiopia – Tova as a baby and Abraham at the age of 12. They met in Israel, married and are now raising three young children, ages 1-3.5.
Tova completed 12 years of school with full matriculation exams. She finished her army service and then trained as a medical secretary. Currently, she works as a teacher’s assistant.
Abraham’s mother died when he was a young boy in Ethiopia. His father remarried, and Abraham did not get along with his stepmother. As a result, he learned in boarding schools and was recognized as a lone soldier when he did his army service.
Today, Abraham works in a factory.
Both Tova and Abraham are hard workers and very dedicated parents. With their combined incomes, however, they struggle to make ends meet. They have fallen into debt over the years and are trying to slowly pay it off. Recently, they joined a social services program aimed at helping impoverished families improve their standard of living. Tova and Abraham participate fully and are eager to move forward in life.
At the moment, the couple’s most pressing need is a new refrigerator. With three young mouths to feed, they have no choice but to ask for help.

Verified by: Iris Binyan Reuven, Department of Social Services, Kfar Saba | Case No.: 210152
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