Refrigerator for Sivan family

Total Cost - USD 691
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 691

Despite their hard work and best intentions, Sara and Meir Sivan are struggling to support their four children, ages 9 months-10 years.
The couple’s respective backgrounds are complicated. Meir’s birth parents are deceased, and he was raised in a foster home. Despite his difficult beginnings, Meir, now 32, finished 10 years of schooling, attended an ultra-Orthodox yeshiva and completed his full army service in a unit specially designated for ultra-Orthodox soldiers. He then went to work full-time. Unfortunately, with the arrival of Corona, he was sent on unpaid leave and is now unemployed.

Sara’s family has been known by social services for years, as her mother is a drug addict and felon. Sara, now 29, finished 12 years of schooling and married at a young age. Unfortunately, Sara suffers from chronic psoriasis which needs frequent hospital care. She also had severe post-partum depression after her last pregnancy and is being treated for that as well. Her complicated medical situation makes it impossible for her to work and contribute to the family’s finances.

Sara and Meir are now trying to meet their day-to-day expenses on Meír’s unemployment benefits, a small government stipend and occasional food vouchers from social services. The couple also has a number of outstanding loans to pay off.

Meir is hoping to find a new job soon but, in the meantime, the family’s refrigerator is broken and they desperately need help to buy a new one.

Verified by: Moria Robinson, Department of Social Services, Acco | Case No.: 200399
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